Firm Wisdom - How to Use Social Technology to Make Your Business Wise - or Nearly Free Enterprise 2.0
“Only for those businesses that wish to survive.”
- John Bailey
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What is Firm Wisdom?

Firm Wisdom is how to use social technology to record institutional memory and knowledge. Imagine a digital warehouse of all the collective ideas that your employees have picked up along the way -- Mr. Bigshot Customer prefers raw sugar with his coffee; we ran out of space in file drawer “U” so we stored the rest in “X”. And so forth.

All of this wisdom, once gathered together becomes Firm Wisdom - a resource your employees can use to help them do their jobs better.

With Firm Wisdom you can:
  • Cut training costs and time
  • Stop repeat questions
  • Enable smooth collaboration between workers
  • Tap into the collective intelligence of your entire organization
  • Build a strong business community even across geographic divisions
  • Enable key customers to provide feedback during R&D
  • Aggregate vital business data for a single version of the truth
  • Collect all your business ideas in one place
  • and much more...
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